Why you should use a travel agent.

I make mistakes. Anyone who says they don’t is either lying or doesn’t do anything. Mistakes are not bad. Not caring is what is bad. If you don’t care, you lose credibility.

As a travel agent, I have made some mistakes, but I work hard to avoid them. I ask questions. I will ask you how to spell your name and repeat it back several times, including phonetically. Why? Because there are many spellings for names. Because some names sound alike. Because letters can sound alike over the phone. A “d” and a “b” can sound similar. Even numbers I will read back to make sure they are right. If I make a mistake, you might not be able to get on the flight or cruise.

When I send you the quote or invoice, make sure everything is correct. Read it carefully. You are the last in line to make corrections if they happen. Part of being human is making mistakes. Caring is when you try to avoid them and correct them when they happen. Nothing is worse than speaking to someone who doesn’t care. Even if the mistake is yours I will try to fix it.

This is why you should use a travel agent. If you do it on your own on-line, you are putting the information in the system. If you are not careful, you could be spelling your name wrong, or put your last name where your first name should be, or put in your nickname instead of your real name. All of these things have happened. When you click send at the end, things are very hard to change if you catch it. Many people print out the confirmation and don’t really look at it. A travel agent will work with you and put the information in for you reading back each name as it is entered. All the dates and other information will be confirmed and OK’d before the final acceptance is done. If a mistake happens to get through, the travel agent can work immediately to correct it. That is why it is important for you to read the paperwork you get and call back as soon as possible if something is wrong.

I am not afraid of making mistakes. They happen and I will work to make things right.

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Club Sandals

Sandals is a company with resorts in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Their All Inclusive policy takes care of you from the time you arrive until they say “good bye and please return”.

When you arrive at the resort, you are greeted by someone with a cool towel. A concierge will greet you, get you checked in and escort you to your room. On the way you will stop at the Club Sandals Lounge, where there are many luxuries awaiting you anytime you want, such as board games, books, fruit, HD TV, different kinds of tea and coffee, and much more. As of June 1st, they will be open 24 hours for your convenience.
Your concierge will take you on an in-room tour and a private resort orientation. He will leave you a welcome packet to explain everything. Your Concierge will be available when you need him to arrange tours, dining reservations and other things. Anything you need or want (legally), including room service or alcoholic beverages in the room, are available. If you want a private dinner, let them know. If you arrive late at night, food can be delivered to your room. Butler service can be available at higher level rooms.

In your room you will find robes to use while you are there, in-room bar with top shelf liquors, and a refrigerator with juice, water and soda. The rooms are large and comfortable. Everything is prepared for your arrival and the room is cleaned and made neat every day.

The Concierge Lounge is the center of everything. You can go there for information, reservations or just to relax. You can get a late night espresso or cappuccino and sit and read the NY Times or British Today, or watch the HD TV, or just sit and talk. Snacks are available along with sandwiches, wraps and fruit. Pastries such as danishes, croissants, and muffins are available along with assorted cookies.
Imagine enjoying Jamaican treats such as rum balls, coconut drops, coconut macaroons, and gizzarda. Soothing music plays in the background and a pleasing scent is in the air conditioned comfort. You can relax and read a book, or use the wifi to keep in contact with family and friends (tease them with where you are). Every Sandals Resort is on a beautiful beach You can sit on the beach and be served your meal in the moonlight with the waves lapping on the beach.

Sandals is a fun, relaxing and romantic place to go for your perfect vacation. Call Space Coast Travel, LLC. We can take your vacation dreams and turn them into fantastic memories!

Bahamas Celebration

The Bahamas Celebration is a small cruise ship out of Port of West Palm Beach that goes to Freeport, them back for a two night cruise. Every two days at 5 PM the ship leaves West Palm Beach and slowly cruises across to Freeport, arriving at 7:30 AM the next day. You can leave the ship and explore Grand Bahama Island until 4 PM. The ship leaves Freeport at 5 PM and, again, slowly cruises across to West Palm Beach, arriving at 7:30 PM the next day. During the cruise time, the restaurants serve excellent meals and the guests enjoy great shows. The children’s areas keep the children busy. There are activities to involve the guests on deck. 

When you arrive at the port, You are greeted by valet service. You take your luggage and you leave your car to be parked. You then enter the security area and proceed to the luggage check in. You can drop off your luggage and it will be brought to your room or you can take it on board with you. The next step is to go upstairs to the check in where you get your room key and set up any extras, such as drink packages, excursions and dinner reservations. Everything goes quickly and boarding is easy. 

When you get on board, you have a choice of places to eat. You can go to the top deck and eat by the pool, or go to Deck 4 at Rio and eat inside. Most of the activity is on decks 3 and 4. The cabins are quickly prepared and luggage delivered. 

The ship is not luxury. It is old and has been refurbished a few times, but it is good for a quick 2 night getaway, or to get to the resorts in Freeport if you don’t want to fly there. They have deals with some resorts so you can sail there, stay for 2 or 4 nights, then sail back. If you are looking for a good 2 night meeting, or girls or guys night out, or you just want to get away for a weekend, this is something to consider. 

Customs and Fruit

After your last breakfast leave any snack for later on the table. Customs will make you throw it out and you will be holding up the line.

Carnival Freedom

Five Days aboard the
arnival Freedom

Recently we had the opportunity to sail aboard the Carnival Freedom. She is a beautiful ship with many amenities and excellent crew. We were given a cabin on Deck 2, Ocean View with windows. The Freedom sails out of Fort Lauderdale. We parked at the port parking garage and it was a short walk to the terminal. Diane had trouble walking and the Carnival Security get her a wheelchair. They were very helpful. The only drawback was the baggage handlers. The union is strong and they give you a hard time about taking your own bags. I always carry straps so I can string my bags into a train so I don’t need anybody to take them, but they insisted they had to take them. I took them myself.

Getting on the ship was easy. The line went quickly and we had little trouble getting through check-in. We went to lunch on the lido deck and waited for our room to be ready. It didn’t take long. Our bags were delivered soon after. The cabin steward introduced himself and let us know his schedule. We became very friendly with him and room service. They took care of us better than I expected.

Most of my time was spent in the adult area. The pool is salt water and unheated. The pizza shop is there, so there were some children there for that and the ice cream machine, but they didn’t stay, so it was almost only adults. All the pools and the hot tubs are not handicap friendly. Only ladders in the pool and the whirlpools have steps going up to them. No lifts for people who can’t walk and the pools are surrounded by walls that need to be stepped over. The bar in the adult section is excellent. They remembered me and my drink even though I didn’t go there much.

The main dining room was great except the walkways are very narrow. Wheelchairs have a problem. The wait staff is remarkable and helped beyond what they were required to do. Diane tried walking and couldn’t do it so they requested a wheelchair for her. The second day they got a wheelchair and then took us after dinner to get one to use full time. Food was delicious and presented in a timely manner.

The Buffet on the Lido Deck was open only at certain times. They closed to get ready for each meal. The Deli was open all day, and their sandwiches were delicious. I tried the gluten free bread and couldn’t finish it. Really tasteless, so  avoid it. Much of the food was deep fried and was served oily. They need to adjust the oil temp. Everything was kept clean and food was replenished often.

The Serenity Area, Adults Only, is not accessible with a wheelchair at all. You need to climb stairs to get to it. There is a staff member allowing only adults, though.

Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed every minute. The crew is incredible, and the dining room food is delicious. The buffet needs work, but otherwise good and the shows were incredibly good.

I don’t normally sell Carnival, but if you want a good, low cost getaway, it is something to consider.

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Visit to Club Med Sandpiper Bay

About Club Med:

Club Med is a company that has resorts and ships around the world. There are resorts for singles, couples, and families. Sports are big at the resorts. They have several ski resorts in the Alps and planning more, possibly in the USA. Water sports are big on the Caribbean Islands. Golf, tennis, gymnastics and other sports are major parts of their activities.

If you want, you can just relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. There are quiet pools and areas to get away from everything.

Sandpiper Bay:

Sandpiper Bay is the only Club Med property in the USA. Located in Port St Lucie, Florida, It is about halfway between Miami and Orlando. The easiest way to get there is by renting a car or by taxi. There is no mass transit to the area from any airport. It is in the middle of a residential area along the St. Lucie River. It is not on the Atlantic Coast. This gives the resort a calm water to enjoy without the waves. A small bay is good for wading and using kayaks, catamarans, and other water equipment. They have a marina with larger watercraft you can rent.

Sandpiper Bay has it’s own golf course with access to others at an additional fee. Golf on the property is at no charge, with golf lessons available. The big sport on campus is tennis. They hold tennis camps for children wanting to compete in the Olympics and other major tennis events. If you are serious about improving your tennis game, this is the place.

The dining room is primarily a buffet with some seats set aside for service dining. It is very simple fare. Hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta are the staples, with some different steak, chicken, lamb, duck and other types of food made in different styles. All drinks and food are included in the price.
If you have any dietary needs or restrictions, ask for chef Omar or any of the other chefs and they can make sure you get what you need. They use different equipment to avoid cross contamination. I asked for some gluten free bread. Chef Omar made it for me and it was delicious!

The rooms are a little old, but very comfortable. There are several buildings with 3 floors each. Elevators take you up to your floor. The rooms have plenty of space with walk-in closets and huge balconies.

If you are looking for a quick getaway with children or if you don’t mind children around you, it is a good place to go. It is handicap friendly, but sometimes you have to look for it. People are very helpful, especially in the restaurant and bar.

Call us at Space Coast Travel to book your stay at that or any Club Med resort.

A Different Kind of Cruise

Theme Cruises are Different.



On a cruise, you are on your own. There are games and other things you can join in on, but you don’t have to. You can stay away from everything, eat and drink when you want, see a show if you want, or you can just stay in your cabin. The ship visits ports where you can get off and see the sights. There is no real structure more than what you want.

On a theme cruise, the whole reason to go is to be a part of the action. You are there because you are a fan, or are interested in the subject. Everything on the ship is set up and designed to absorb you into the event. You are not only an observer, you are a part of it.

Opening act on deck

Opening act on deck

People who go  on these cruises consider themselves part of a family. Most have a favorite part, but they are together for the whole event. Space Coast Travel was invited to sail on the NCL Pearl which was taken over by Sixthman to hold the Rombello Cruise.


Bar City

Bar City

Sixthman is a production company that takes an idea for an event and takes it to sea. Most are music events, but there are some others, like classic movies and a fitness cruise. Most are 3-5 days at sea and packed with exciting activities. They cover up and remove many things that you would normally see on a cruise ship and add their own touches to add to the cruise. On the Rombello Cruise they added stages and bars around the ship. There were themed cups for special drinks, many giveaways and, of course, items for sale like CD’s, T-Shirts, hats, and other things. Each night we returned to the room and found a schedule for the next day and some themed item. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rombello is based on rock bands. There are other cruises with different genres of music, like Southern Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Doo-wop and many others. Normally the ship stops at the private island, they set up a stage and bring the bands ashore for a beach concert. On our cruise, the weather didn’t allow for that, so we just sailed around the Caribbean and nobody complained.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe best part of the cruise was interacting with the artists. You are asked not to crowd and annoy them, but they are easy to walk up to and talk to politely. They are planned around one or two headline bands and a few that are on their way up. A band will be playing on stage and members of another band will come up and play with them. There is interaction between the bands and the audience so the audience becomes a part of the show, or you can sit back and watch.

The most revealing thing is when I asked the people about why they were there OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand how many they were on, they are strong fans. Many have been on over 10 cruises, with some over 20. I will go again, and will try another theme. It’s more than just a cruise. It’s a whole experience where you meet new friends with similar interests.

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